At roughly 7 months of age, infants transition to the second of two expansive rooms which are located at the front of Oak Grove Academy, building on the nurturing and instructional foundation of the contiguously located Infant Program.

Our expert teachers and staff partner with parents to ensure that a child and family specific program is established and scrupulously adhered to.

Colors, shapes and community helpers are introduced to the tiny toddler. Constant music, singing, poetry and stories continue to punctuate increased creative play time. The honing of gross and fine motor skills now takes place in a developmentally appropriate large, interactive, safe and secure area, sign language is introduced, and immersion in a third language begins for those whose parents desire as such.

Dietitian-designed and supervised menus introduce them to select table foods, and group meal time fosters interaction with peers.

Individualized curricular and affective attention beneficially intensifies during this critical stage in your child’s life, as Oak Grove Academy further improves the Tiny Toddlers teacher-to-child ratio in comparison to state requirements (in addition to limiting the entire area to only 10 tiny toddlers).

-Children aged 7 to 13 months

Student – Teacher Ratio:

Oak Grove Academy
State of Georgia

Why Oak Grove Academy?

  • Two Decades of producing Academically Superior Graduates avails award winning Oak Grove Academy as The Gold Standard
  • STREAM Curriculum (Science, Technology, Reading and wRiting, Engineering, the Arts and Math)
  • State of the Art Safety and Security (Peace of Mind for Parents), Cleanliness, Nutrition, and Physical Education
  • Caring and Nurturing Educators of Significant Tenure, who are Degreed (Masters and/or Bachelors) in Early Childhood Education
  • Structure to Learn, Freedom to Explore
  • Children Master the Four C's of 21st Century Learning (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking)