Accredited Alpharetta Infant through Kindergarten Care and Education

Inspiring & Enriching Young Minds

At Oak Grove Academy, we believe that your child deserves an exceptional education experience. By introducing them to education in a positive way from an early age, you can have a significant impact on their future education. We work to instill confidence in their abilities, as well as provide an enriching environment to learn in. As an Alpharetta preschool with nearly two decades of superlative care and pedagogy, we’ve painstakingly assembled a faculty of outstanding Alpharetta Infant through Pre-K teaching professionals, many of impressive tenure and reputation.

Our accredited Alpharetta academic programs include:

  • Infants: Young infants need a lot of attention and care to make sure they are both happy and healthy. We provide infants with a lot of personal attention and an individualized curricular program. Social, emotional, physical, and sensory development are emphasized.
  • Toddlers: We have a cumulative three tiered program for children which is both chronologically and developmentally structured. Each curriculum is intended to facilitate your Alpharetta toddler’s learning, from music and storytelling, to art and games, physical education, and linguistic development in both English and foreign languages.
  • Preschool: We offer both junior preschool and preschool classes for your children. As your child’s curiosity and academic development intensify, our Alpharetta preschool programs also make sure they are involved in group activities and building friendships.
  • Prekindergarten (Pre-K): Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classes hone social skills as your child’s formal education progresses. Our educators provide constant guidance in a comfortable and positive Alpharetta Pre-K environment which is both structured and varied.
  • Kindergarten: Kindergarten builds on the previous two prekindergarten (Pre-K) years, taking each and every Oak Grove Academy kindergartner well beyond state readiness requirements (Oak Grove Academy students typically have already met numerous state kindergarten scholastic requirements since Pre-K3), all the while developing with integrity their group participation and sense of belonging, as well as their self-confidence and self-reliance.

Oak Grove Academy is most often recommended to families by educational professionals, and many parents who enroll their child in our school after having attended another Alpharetta child care facility are impressed to see the difference in their child’s behavior, interests, and development. If you are interested in learning how we can enrich your child’s life, contact us at (770) 772-7474.

Why Oak Grove Academy?

  • Exceptional Enriched Education
  • Accredited Alpharetta Private Preschool with a Reputation of Excellence
  • Two Decades of producing Academically Superior Graduates
  • Lowest Teacher-to-Student Ratios in Alpharetta Area
  • Caring and Nurturing Educators of Significant Tenure
  • Children Develop a Lifetime Love of Learning