At Oak Grove Academy, the security and safety of each child is a top priority. In addition to each spacious classroom constituting an impeccably clean, safe, and secure environment, our facility is electronically locked and secured, with the only entrance being via a registered and coded personalized key. This key requires a positive scanning at the front door, which automatically unlocks the door for a period of three seconds. Should authorized personnel not enter during this three second window, they must repeat the scanning process to facilitate a new entrance possibility.

In addition to the secure entry system, each parent is required to log each student entry and exit on a computer system located in the school lobby, which is dedicated solely to attendance and control.

Once in the classroom, children are entered on a classroom attendance sheet, monitored by the teachers, who note each transition throughout the day (so as to ensure all children are present and accounted for, at all times).

All staff and teachers have passed a compulsory background check at both the state and federal level, and are constantly video monitored in each classroom. In addition, each and every classroom is also monitored in person by staff every half hour.

The entirety of the Oak Grove Academy campus is securely fenced, and except for the front door entrance (where the entry system is monitored electronically, and also by a manager at the front desk), no access from the surrounding area is permitted.

Why Oak Grove Academy?

  • Structure to Learn, Freedom to Explore
  • Two Decades of producing Academically Superior Graduates avails the award winning Oak Grove Academy as The Gold Standard
  • STREAM Curriculum (Science, Technology, Reading and wRiting, Engineering, the Arts and Math)
  • OGA Children Master the Four C's of 21st Century Learning (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking)
  • Caring and Nurturing Educators of Significant Tenure, who are Degreed (Masters and/or Bachelors) in Early Childhood Education
  • Peace of Mind for Parents : State of the Art Safety and Security, Cleanliness, Nutrition, and Physical Education